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Posted on March 4, 2006


This are pics of Jea and I ate, in 1U(new wing), at none other than Ms.Read’s Delicious!

<finally i get to try something that Jea recommended to me for so long… rub hands gleefully>

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<<classic chocolate>>RM9.90

Jea ordered this SINFULLY rich YUMMY and SINFULLY chocolate cake!! ~bliss~

(see the butter oil there… @_@ sinful!!!)


I had rich rich rich, cheesy cheesy cheesy, creamy creamy creamy

tiramisu!! Why i chose this? Well wanted to sample all the Tiramisu i

can get. I think i’ve tasted better ones but then you can all kind of

versions. First mouth was wonderful, later on it was plain too much for

me! Prolly becos i was full, yet greedy then! Hehehe… =P

<<hot chocolate melting marshmallows>>RM6.90

I had this too!! Yummy yummy yummy!! Marshmallow was good in that drink. frothily milky!!

Personally, i think this cafe should be call “Sinful”. The nx day i

went fat!! I look rounder! Oh well, the sins of eating chocolates.

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