Some of my Favourite morning eats in Jl.Sayang

Posted on June 18, 2006


*pak bubur*


the Bubur man *teng teng teng… superhero music plays*, who comes

eveymorning without fail at about 6.30am with his son hitting the

porcelain bowl with a spoon to announce their arrival. By 6am i’ll be

awake laying on on my bed with my audio sensor searching for *ting ting

ting*. Jumps out of bed and shout downstairs to teteh to order one for

me!! *slurps* Bubur man is so nice, you don’t have to pay him

immediately once you get your food.

*bubur ayam*- was the morning before my final examination of mathematics starts…


is my usual order. I usually have chicken porridge every morning on

exam days. Never get tire of it. Cost RP3000 only and a packet or two

keropok wil be given, cheap cheap! You can add eggs or gizzards but you

got to pay extra.



is not a clear pic but anyway this Indonesia’s style of porridge.

Condiments:roasted peanuts, fried shallots, shredded chicken meat,

lemon grass leaves(i think), a little bit of sesame oil, lontong kari

gravy (abit), ‘kicap manis’-sweet sauce, and not forgetting a spoon of

sambal. *tada*!! Thats is what makes a delicious porridge in Indonesia.

*Bubur hati ayam*


some it may look not pleasing, but it taste good!! I usually have this

when i’m menstruating.Cos i think this will replanish the iron in my

body that i lose to dracula!! This is consider a heavy breakfast for

me, it will last me till late afternoon, unlike if i eat porridge in

Malaysia in a matter of less than 4hrs i’ll be hungry once again.

In Indonesia they do have ‘char kue’, but we know it fondly has ‘yau char gwai’ or ‘yew char kui’.

Theirs come in small and short form, which is about 3 times bigger than

the size of a toothpick only!! LOL, and they don’t come in pair like


Sunday mornings are one of those time i look

forward going to, cos there will be a morning market(PAUN). Imagine

your University campus usually is clean and orderly looking during the

6days and on sundays it turns into morning market!! The first time i

went to the market made me unable to recognise my university the next

day. PAUN is what the locals call the morning market, a short form of

‘pasar unpad’. Lots of wet goods would ve sold then,toys, bags,

shoes,FOOD&drinks, kitchen utensils..etc.

After walking a round then my friend and i will head to this stall…

*kuih-muih*brownies is nice and the white green is good*


i don’t have a decent and cheap bakery around my place(don’t get me

wrong,they do have 2 mini bakery but it has less stuff), if i wanted to

go to a bakery i have to go to the city,bandung! The pastries may look

dry, but taste fine. Don’t go comparing this to Baker’s Cottage, Bee’s,

King’s… pastries cos they are diffirent. Of course la those

prestigious bakeries i named are tastier than these but when you’re

there, that’s one of the best stuff you can get. Just have to lower

your expectations.

*molen/bolen*(on the right)

That is one of the famous pastries in Bandung, Indonesia!! Everytime we

will order a few boxes from the famous bakery Mayasari. This molen

comes with various stuffing: banana and cheese, durian, tapai,

apple…etc.Cost abt RP20,000 for a box. It’s so tasty that you’ll get

so hook into
it.My family always ask me to buy when i get back and it will finish in a few days time!!