the one with the weird Y

Posted on January 6, 2007


Weird how an honest outburst can turn out for the best. I always imagine the worst outcome when I do have to be honest, when I try so hard to hide it… It’s a pleasant feeling.

 The story goes:

Ever since i went for those Buddhist gathering in Vihara Dhamma Mitra, i had lots of people contacting me; they got my number from the registry of course and some other people giving out numbers (not TOTO, handphone no). I didn’t mind it because I get to practise my BI sms-es and i proudly admit i sms better in BI than speaking it! Fine, it is quite shameful not being able to speak fluently, especially is tongue-tied, embarrassing and no confidence situation for me.

I don’t know whether most foreigner get as much attention as i do when you go to a temple filled with teens, or is it just me being too sensitive? Well it is fun getting the attention but after that i don’t know what to do with it… It’s kind  of silly the whole situation, but things have mellowed down after my lack of appearance there.

 The main story is, I went to this one function that is organise by OBD and i got this call and sms by this guy. He called my hostel to talk to me, I think that is pretty annoying cos i personally don’t like to talk BI on the phone in public because i know i make lots of mistakes and it is pretty embarrassing! The excuse of the call was, “Hi remember me? I’m xxxx, we met at the temple… i heard you were from this University, me too! There’s this work…yada yada… i was wondering whether you could help me with it”. I was wondering what work like that requires a 1st year to do so, heck i don’t know what he was talking about! He continue: “Aren’t you from the Economy Faculty? Oh, you’re not? Well i thought you were that’s why i look you up to ask you”. Then questions about where i’m from, what i’m studying, why this place… etc. Doesn’t take two lines to figure out the main purpose of the ‘accidental call’.

After that, it started… endless attempt in trying to reach me at my hostel, when i will play dumb and act as if i were asleep to avoid picking the call. Everytimei hear the phone ring, i will be as quiet as a mouse to avoid any noise until i know who is the phone call meant for. Silly act, but still he is invading my privacy, who give you the right to call anyway? If it was my own fix line it’s alright. Besides that, the sms-es came, whole lot of them was asking me to meet him up. I used all kind of excuse to get away, i could told him straight to the point that i don’t go out with stangers (even though we were introduce briefly in the temple) but i wanted to keep the nice and friendly foreigner image. Pretty much a Big mistake!

 Raincheck after raincheck I gave him for us to meet up… until I had the last straw last night. I told him i don’t go out with people i hardly know, whether you like it or not i won’t meet you. Even if you will come all the way from your house to my hostel i won’t meet you, not even will i pick your calls if you attempt to call me. I couldn’t just meet that guy even though he ask only an hour of my time and he promise never to disturb me again, it’s just not right. It’s like going on a blind date, and i’ll definitely be stressing on what i should talk about.

Well it seems like a small matter, but it is just so hard to not stress and get frustrated at when reading the messages he sent, all of it was so arrogant and self-centered that you think he is one big over confident jerk! He will just say off-handedly,”oh i got times this evening, come lets go to this place and meet up”. Only a few times he asked me whether i was available to go out or not.

 After the outburst of anger through the messages, he appologised and said we should start a new. That was a relieve! You wouldn’t believe the reasons he gave to meet me, he said as if he has little time in this world that he has to meet me as soon as possible even though it is for a little while.

Sigh~ i hope this start a new friendship will last longer than i expect!