BeatBoX,breaking,jamming & dancing

Posted on January 22, 2007


I think those are cool!

3 years back i wouldn’t think it is cause when i think of people doing those beatbox i can imagine those salivas of theirs, firing like bullets from gun machines! Imagine holding a microphone from a beatboxer which is fill with amylase! EeW…

Now watching MtV again, i’ve change my mind…

Some may think i’ve gone mad agreeing, i do see this as a type of talent though this can’t earn you much money as getting a secure job, unless you want to be an entertainer in hip-hop music. Beatboxing need lots of practise and creativity to make new sounds to blend with rhythm.

Break dance is cool! In what way do i actually thinkof it? In a scientific point of view- Physics, body. Too balance on your head with your whole body weight is not easy… i always imagine that one small move may break the fella’s poor cervicales and that will leave him paralyse for the rest of his life!! This people who actually break dance must have really really flexible joints, ligaments and tendons!! I wonder how much force and friction will it take to disable them…

Break and R&B dancing is body creativity to me. “Wow! Wish i can do that!”, i’ll think. Any form of dancing is ART. MtV and Channel V most likely have played with the wires in my brain; you’re not wrong to think that music now adays are market by the slim, sexy body of so and so artist. It’s true and superficial shallow in a way but some of them really can dance! Personally if i can dance like them i’ll most likely have a boost of confidence in myself ^^ Won’t you feel like a music celebrity yourself?

To slide like Usher, to dance like Rain, to shake your booty like Beyonce? I can list few more artist but you get my point.

Parents will most likely think:” What are these youngsters doing now adays?” This is a side leisure, a let go for youngsters to enjoy themselves, to socialise without having to talk, to communicate through mutual likings of music and moves. So lets (an excuse to) hit the Club to show it on the floor!