looking at you and i realise…

Posted on January 25, 2007


they say…

“good begets good, and evel begets evil”.

It’s true, i see it in small little ways… it’s becoming evident day by day.

I use to go for Sunday classes and i learn all the moral and religious teachings which i did try to cultivate them. When you’re young it’s easier to accept good facts, there are less materialistic distractions, less teenager issues and the growing up stuff. Life then is simple! As you get older, life is tainted with so many issues… such as pressure in studies, friends, social popularity, knowledge, and family.

So for me life now is more tainted with conflicting decisions that i make upon this issues. Wanting everything insatiably has blinded me in making the right decisions. I lost the rationality and the good thoughts to make something right.

Greed, jealousy, egoistic, shallowness, superficial thoughts, nosy parker… has overtook my mind… and remnants of it are still there though i tried to cultivate my mind to think good and my actions to do good…

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