Polygamy and Marriage

Posted on January 30, 2007


what do you think of that?

most female will go in rage when you talk about this. well who wants to share their lifetime patner with someone else?

However i do support polygamy in these circumstances:
do you know that the world population have more women than men? the number of lesbians and gays in the world are the same?

So where have all the men gone? Half of the women in the world would not be able to find their other half to spend the rest of their life with ( lets say if all the women in the world wants to marry). Therefore we must share! Sharing is Caring

Happy are the men and raging are the womens

having this conversation with some of the girlfriends i can tell none of them agrees, some were bemuse at my thought

i said i won’t mind being with a married man if i really, really, really like him alot, but i would not want to spoil his marriage with his wife, no divorce is needed.

my friend asked,” don’t you want to be with the man forever? don’t you want a man fully committed to you and only you?”

I guess i don’t want to be with the man forever, afterall he is taken and a relationship like that would be easier for me to walk out on him when i need to, with no strings attach.

Marriage is something that 2 person is bound with a certificate. It’s a dead end for people who’s marriage didn’t turn out right. Kind of sad. Afterall someone once told me “love last for 4 years in a relationship after that it’s just affection, habit and obligated-commitment”.

Blessed are the people who have the perfect marriage in their life…