Sperm Donors

Posted on January 30, 2007


I kind of like the idea…

I get to choose what kind of kid i can get without tying myself to marriage! I would love to have chindian babies, boys preferably. Usually chindian boys turn out good looking. It’s nice to have a child one day that have strong Indian features (esp those eyes!) with a touch of chinese to it.

It’s like playing dressing up, you mix and match whatever clothing you want to get your final look.

It’s an alternative for single women want to be to be a parent even though they don’t have a spouse. In this busy world i think women are putting their career upfront and own family next. So let say they don’t meet the right man to be with, they can still go for sperm donors to have a family of their own.

A perfect family consist of Mom and Dad but i don’t think it is wrong that a family is lack of a mom or dad. Just because it’s not an ideal social norm doesn’t mean it is wrong, the kids can grow up fine, and most likely with a different thinking than the perfect family kids.

Don’t get me wrong, even if my kids don’t turn out right from what i’ve expected, i’ll love them all the same.