Sun 28/01/2007

Posted on January 30, 2007


Two days ago,

Met up with my two gal pal for girl talk, Riabu and Ger.

We sat and talked for 6 hours straight, summarising the happenings of the past 2 months, updating each other and shared lots of poppycocks together.

It’s funny how a person’s action can change so much due to curiosityand lust perhaps, but i realised that i do heart these 2 gals lots! The honesty they give me in friendship is a treasure to keep!

Being abroad for the past 2 years ain’t easy, for people are not easy to fanthom. I’ve betray and been betrayed, i’ve tasted dispute among good friendship, i’ve felt the insecurities of nearly broken friendship and it;s all because of the pandora’s box in me.

I appreciate to the core of my heart that when one of them said “i would think less of you if you ever did do that”, astounded at first for i always though friends should stick with each other even if my decision is wrong, but then you’re entitle to; at the same time i felt the honesty oozing from her words.