Americans needs a reality check

Posted on January 31, 2007


Have you been watching American Idol Season 5? Well my family and i have and we always ended up laughing our head off… hehehe!

Everbody wants to be somebody… but in show and entertainment business you need to be on the top to make it big. However somehow or rather some people just don’t get it, funnily it is the people coming from a country like America where most of the music and screen entertianments comes from.

It’s undeniable that beautiful looks can take you far then only talent, things that attracts the eye gets the foremost attention as the most used sensory organs are the eyes. It’s amazing how some not so attractive people (you get my point, i don’t have to elaborate) have so much of self confidence in themselves when they don’t have talent at all! The best thing is some of them actually make so much fuss about it when they got rejected when the truth is they really can’t sing! Sometimes i wonder are they in delusion or do you call this high self esteem?

Looks definitely can be deceiving! Being a star you need looks, if you don’t have it you got to some sort of charisma or charm to the people. For sure you’ll expect people going into this business should have the looks would have the talent too, but some do not and they do not realise that just because they have the looks.

But what i do believe that with the right fashion, right time and place, plus talent you can make it through the market of entertainment! You just need the big break! Such artist that i know of are Xu Shao Yang, most of Malaysian’s singers and actors workig abroad, not forgetting Korean Superstar Rain.

Therefore i do think there is no harm being vain at times. With meticulous self-care and make up one can succeed in having good looks too =) Don’t forget, there is also plastic surgery!