Paintball vs House

Posted on January 31, 2007


I’m suppose to be feeling ‘YEAH’! I’m going for paintball tmr!! GO dudEE!! but i do not…

After all the planning i did with some friends i can’t make it in the end. But the event is still going on =) I shouldn’t feel so bad about this if they are going to enjoy themselves tomorrow.

To Victor@shrek@vicky, i hope you will enjoy this the most! We did all the planning for you! I hope this is a memory that you’ll keep for the years the come, and don’t forget me that initiated this =)

[ okie i’m a sucker for recognition] give me some credit…

sorry i have to stand all of you up! My parent decided to show me and my slibings something… my soon to be new nich!! The way they describe is so big, i can’t wait to see it for myself.

I had the choice to either join my family or you guys, i chose family; it’s not only because family event is important, it’s also because i most likely won’t be around to help them when the actual actions happens, so i know they will like me to share the joy they found there.

My parents kind of choose a really clashing time with the paintball… not intentionally ( my mom forgot i think), cos after the whole look around we are going for dinner. Yeah, i skip family meals a few times this week so time to catch up!

p/s: i ‘m still feeling guilty for letting down a few ppl! sincere appolody dar, tucky, rachie and Vic