Thurs 01/02/07

Posted on February 1, 2007


i own a Dell Inspiron 640m laptop! It’s really cool looking- virgin white outline with silver body. Proud of it, but now too many of my batchmate owns the same model as i do… -_-” Only using for a few months, my pc was infected with virus from a friend’s pendrive. I knew i was going to be dead meat if my father knew.

Thankfully Made, my classmate brought me to a nearby pc repair shop to get me a new anti-virus and a clean up. I should have updated my Mcafee anti- virus but i had no internet connection in my room until the recent past two months. Although it was virus free after that, most of my files are still missing and mess up, not like it was once before. This made me so frustrated, but my knowlege for pc is too general, i only know stuff abt pc that i use…. INTERNET!!

So this time my 2nd round trip back i decided to reformat my laptop… though i would need dad to personally do it for me but i can do it by myself after all!

Just call  Dell’s free toll hotline 18 00 807 643, listen and press for option 3 and listen again and press for option 2 to ask for assistant to reformat. The guy i talk to ken ming (i think) guided me step by step. Firstly, start the pc after that put in the Dell’s ‘Drivers and Utilites’ cd and restart the laptop again. During the restart, press control F11. From there you choose to reinstall the programes in your laptop (don’t choose reboot!), it takes less than 10 minutes to do so. But before reformating please do back up all important files from you pc.

Finally it’s done, it’s brand new once again! I’ve brain-wash the hard drive of my laptop, i know where are all the missing programe(except for bluetooth and i learn to store my stuff properly now.And today i have installed microsoft office in it, i’m just lacking of a few programes then i’m done changing my laptop. =)