Amazing Race Asia I

Posted on February 3, 2007


Yeah! I finally got to watch Amazing Race Asia the final episode… repeat! kekekeke…

i didn’t know it was the finale until i saw the ending of that episode the other day. I do not follow up the show cause i’ve not been watching tv until recently for the past few weeks! (wah… so much to watch!!)

So proud, so proud! Cause the Malaysian team won!! WOO HOO!!! On top of it, it is the first all Girl Team to have ever won!! *beams*(although it is not my victory!) I got so excited when i watched this episodes, my heart gave all those litttle thumps when they were racing from Dubai to Malaysia! Inside in my heart i was cheering them to win(although i knew they won edi)! I daren’t say so loud, if not my parents will think of me siao(mad, in hock kien)! They made a smart move by hiring a taxi to bring them around, save time! Unlike the other two dungus team relied on maps and themselves, when they don’t even know the city! It’s a race, you shouldn’t waste time.

Doing the woogieboogie in my head, as they won! Go Malaysia, go Malaysia, Go Malaysia!

~sigh! i’m such a patriot at heart =)