ear phones and oblivion

Posted on February 3, 2007


Dad was funny today, he loves to show off his gadgets so he was trying to show me is cheap and good ear phones that he bought for his Dell Palm Top. He bought two different ones one for mom and him during their trip to China so that he can share music with mom. He kept asking me test his cool ear phones even though after i’ve tried it that he sounds like those persistant salesman trying to get me to buy those! LOL! He was saying his is cheap (around RM 10.00++) and good compared to mine that i bought for RM 50! Btw i bought mine at Low Yat k, and it’s was one of the cheapest considering it is Phillips brand and it has gives extra bass to my music! Suits me cause the music i listen to has lots of base, boom boom to it.

Urggh! How can some people be so one-sided! I’m peeve with him for being that way! Beh-Tahan i tell you! i want * dush ush- gadabush- piak piak* that fella! He’s oblivios with his mistake although i pointed to him loud and clear about it! If he ever did that to the girl he likes, boy his chances are none to start with her! You mangkuk, cis bedebah! Can sacrifice your weekends for her only but for others you can’t!! SElfish pIG!

Called Xiao De just to rant about it, she understands and he can’t! Mangkuk! Talked like for an hour, i called her cell, i’m so going to be doomed when dad finds the bill! Been making late night phone calls a few times ever since i came back… kesian dad.