Sore Throat…

Posted on February 3, 2007


My sis and i overnight at my aunts place on friday. It was a night of eating! kekeke Went to Serdang’s famous Steamboat+BBQ restorant >, can’t remember the name. This is my sis and my 2nd time, too bad my bro didn’t get to go. He has never been there, bro had replacement classes on Saturday.

Although it’s been like 2-3 years since i’ve eaten there, i still remember that place! It was my first time having steamboat and bbq at the same time. The most memorable part that why i like that place is because i got to eat lots and lots of bbq beef in butter!! Sinfully delicious for me, that’s because i don’t eat much beef at home and my mom and granma kind of prohibited me as they are trying to cultivate us (siblings) to not eat beef due to religion. I was so freaking full then that i can vomit! We had ‘ying yong’ broth this time, which is the usual chicken stock broth and tom yum broth. The Tom Yum tasted better! However this round i ate 2 slices of bbq-ed beef and mutton each and i was not full to the point of exploding! I ate more bbq-ed marinated squid the last time too, this time i had more soup and steamboat! Yum!!

Ordered a cup of iced Chinese tea, didn’t want any sugary drink if not i’ll get full to fast and i won’t be able to eat as much as i want. My Chinese tea came and it look like Beer!! They served my tea in a beer mug! We found it funny as i drank it stylishly as if i was drinking beer and the next table were having beer too! Just a hand away i could have grab the next table beer bottle to help myself to one mug! kekekeke.

The next morning, we ate ‘Yee Sang’ from Chow Fatt resto! Yummy! People from SErdang love to buy it from that place cause it’s the best and tastiest there! It’s been 2 years since i had it, usually it’s taken during CNY, but wth i’m not going to be here for CNY just CNY eve so my as well pre-eat that CNY dish first.. hehhehe.

O h ya, my other aunty bought us chocolate cake! It’s not those fancy fancy chocolate cake from your bakery, but it indeed taste so good, made from real important chocolates further more it’s cheap! RM6.40 per rectangular small box! Deliciously sinful if taken with steaming hot coffee or cold milk!

Beryl’s is now having a warehouse chocolate sales in Serdang where their Factory is! Chocolates there are CHEAP!! My sis and i bought like RM 93.00 worth of chocolates! When we came to the factory there was this big sign saying, ‘chocolate wonder land”! Gosh, i immediately thought of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!! My sis and aunt even told me that they have a flowing fountain of chocolates ( my mom calls it fondue though when i mention to her, contradicting huh?) where they will offer you biscuits so you can deep into it and it! Sounds (disbelieving) like a scene from the movie i just mention right? Well they insisted that it was true, however i didn’t fall for that. We went in and i was right! There ain’t no fountain of chocolate!!

It’s not only chocolate wonderland, it’s chocolate heaven!! Sigh, imagine me like the shrew-rat look like squirrel in Ice Age 2 who happily went to heaven filled with clouds of chocolates and flying ones too! Bliss~

Thay gave samples for all their chocolates! I think Beryl’s are very creative and innovative, they have other types of chocolates that none other have yet. Like the White strawberry chocolate, it is stuff with real dried strawbery! MArvelous tasting! There have the green tea chocs ( which i don’t like, bitter!) and tiramisu flavour too ( not too keen, but taste not bad!), not forgetting their gold coin chocolates taste different although it is those normal flavoured. The most memorable choc that i ate from Beryl’s last year is Sesame white chocolate almond! It keeps you popping for more! YOu can’t get that one in particular in supermarkets, my sis tried to find it in vain in every supermarket she goes too but can’t because that is imported ones, they only sell it in the factory!

Other than the chocs, what i found most eye catching too was one of the young baby faced worker there! Kewt! Skin so fair looks like the white chocs i bought! kakaka! By the way, there was this really cute i-want-to-grab-everthing-i-see baby that makes me feel like sumbat-ing his mouth with all those sample chocolates!