may your tears lead you to the right decision

Posted on February 5, 2007


another session of poppycocks with the artsy people… (you know who you are) *winks*

Lot’s of talks, finally got to tell them my ideal guy would be like because most of the time i keep forgetting… must be not so important afterall… hehhehe.

Wore my hot pants! It hs chain at the side hanging.. cool huh!

Begining to really worry of HL. Thinking back all the previous advise i gave to HL, it’s all wrong… Now i do understand why Nikkler was so worried! I still do think HL should know less about karma sutra sorts before marriage, i fear that she will try and trial and error with the knowledge, knowing that she can make really silly decisions.

HL called to talk… I hope i did talk some sense into her for considering giving up someon EF. ‘He holds the strings to the yo- yo, only he can command the yo-yo with a flick of his wrist..’ Relationship should be a give and take both ways… this is the 2nd time, i once hope optimistically for them now i feel a dread telling me something is bound to happened after i leave here.

HL please be strong! All will pass, it won’t be easy, but all will pass… you got us with you all the way! Love yourself most and no one can hurt you.