Home = 18 years of my life = Family + Friends

Posted on February 9, 2007


It was Vic’s farewell dinner from the 5A who came, I very much enjoyed myself in the company of such high school classmate of mine, and each fragments of the memory will leave a smile on my mouth as I think of it. Such young thing we are, embarking into University life now with ideal goals and dream fill in our heads. Much was talked and said, jokes were shared, experience and bonding too.


Tonight I’m thinking of all of you people, the high school mates, kinky artisan friends and family. I’m feeling an awe of melancholy, sadness and nostalgia all at the same time. MSN for my holidays are coming to an end soon; soon I’ll have to leave the 18 years of familiarity once again but this time the feeling of home ache will go with me. Constantly I reminded myself that with or without my family around I’m going to celebrate Chinese New Year as it is as I have all this years with them, I should not deprive myself yet right now I find no courage or enthusiasm to do so. I dread that I’m going to be so homesick this time.


I hope I’ll be getting busy as soon as possible to forget this. I guess being kept busy is the only reason why I’m not so easily homesick compared to the rest of my university batch mates.


I feel like a missing jigsaw puzzle piece of a perfect picture when abroad but I am whole when I’m put together to complete the puzzle. This is where I belong, this is where everything begins and this is call ‘home’.


I love the family that I have here, the friends that I made here very much, I love them even more this instance as I think about them and this realization made me appreciate them even more!


Innocents were born here, sincere friendships were form here and the basis of good nurture and upbringing derive from here.


I shall smile again when I read this post in sad times for this will remind me that you guys will be there for me.


I dedicate this post to you, HOME!


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