Reasons why I strongly dislike my seniors…

Posted on February 9, 2007


It’s not all of them that I don’t like it’s a batch of them and a bunch of people who disfigure the good of thoughts of mine towards them and the remainder of the good lot! I try countless tries and I’m still trying to find it in me to find peace within myself to forgive them… I’m a person who forgives but does not forgets, however I don’t think I’ll forgive them until the very long time to come.


“First impression are always important’, that I didn’t believe it was applicable in my view towards people because of the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover”; ever since going through the terrible ordeal of nearly 2 months of horrible treatment from the kinsmen, the latter phrase is not applicable to them but the earlier one is.


Distasteful memories of them still vividly linger in my mind over an over again like a broken program recorder, reminding me unkindly.


“A droplet of sour milk can spoil the whole pot”, thus is why at times I reminisce too often of Unpad and longed to be there again. If I haven’t been to that incorrigible orientation, my adaptation to the new place would have been a pleasant and a positive one.


“Once bitten, twice shy”, this exactly how I’m reacting towards them now. I am very conscious and wary of them, the least I have to do with them the better.


Their doings have made me ill to the bones yet brought me to realize that there are more unpleasantness that I will have to face in the future in the working world but with the worst ailment of its kind that it can offer.