summarising 2 weeks

Posted on February 20, 2007


Here- 2 days…

oh it’s been long since i posted! Well i wanted to but too darn lazy since i was running short of holidays and it takes darn long to post for me.

I’m back abroad now, it’s nice to meet up with the batchmates again but then i hate the water here! It’s so i-c-y-c-o-l-d!! Brrr~ I won’t want to take bath the whole day at all, and i’m too lazy to boil hot water to bath… yeah i don’t have a water heater cause i’m not allowed to fix one.

Classes are slow but lots of work given to us and i’ve still not unpack my bag, so lazy and it seems like a never ending task after cleaning my room that is filled with one months worh of dust. Arrgh… Having Anatomy tmr we are going to have discussion and there’s lots to memorize, biomol h/w is given too we have to do presentation on P53 Tumor Suppressor Gene but here am i surfing and blogging as quick s possible.

Yesterday we had eng lessons, my god, i had a shocked! We were asked to write n essay!! It’s been a long time since i wrote anything serious and properly-blogging does not count; my efficiency in writing is not as good as high school anymore, infact worse! IsH~ Argh~

So it was Kavitha’s bday yesterday… Tharish and I went to but flowers for her, unfortunately there were no Lilies, it’s not the season. After much walking and pondering whether we should get her flowers, we decided to get her either a hamster or a bouquet of flowers. We chose the latter one- assorted colours of roses, daisies and two other flowers which i fogotten the name. So colourful and pretty! Everyone was admiring it =) I bought a bag for her too and for Kush’s belated birthday i got her a Chetalain@ milk teddy purse but to m dissapointment she got a new purse back home =((

Kush brought back lots of food! Chicken rendang, mutton dry curry and Fish curry! WA, i who wanted to start losing weight can’t seem to fulfill my promise!

Back home….

Went bonding with dad at Digital Mall PJ, the next Low Yat, bought lots of pirated software to play with on my free time. Guess i won’t be having lots of free time because 2 sem is going to be so blardy important for me! I don’t want to not finish in time! Must do better somehow…

Dad was nice enough to sponsor me body workout dvds though he didn’t want to get me a yog mat, so i bought it myself. Hopefully i get to lose weight! Mom this hols have been very generous in giving me $$ to spend =) Bought lots of clothes, especially funky pants; shoes too!

Chinese New Year Eve was great!! Got to meet up some relatives and play with some cousins. They are still talking gibberish and some are just to shy and some just grew apart. Reunion dinner was held at Palace of the Golden Horses, decorations there wasn’t splendid this time and so is their food. Best thing there was the delectble bake cod fish and fresh oysters!

Drank a glass of Bacardi at home, taste sucks big time, i suspect it is either because it was cheap rum or we should have gotten proper coke and pepsi instead of the diest coke or pepsi sugar free. Bleh~

Was suppose to go Laundry but then ppl cancelled due to CNY preparation and Balik Kampung and the other fact that we have trasportation problem. Sigh~ So another time, which i doubt will ever happen cause i realize i can’t do things that i intentionally want to when i’m still illegal of age!