Who said buying gifts can’t make a girl happy?

Posted on February 25, 2007


Guess what… I got soft toy pillows!

Lovely cute things, I think squealed when I saw those presents, given by Made, Oka and Albert!! My closes and study mates- Indonesian pals.


Cho Chweet of them! To come to me hostel@kost carrying that really big pink parcel all wrap in pink wrapper but covered with black plastic, because they were embarrass to carry on the bike all the way here… aww! ❤ <3<3


Ok I went to this kolegalitas to seek m seniors for help, 6 of them came; Kak- Faizah, Bil, Zana, Anis, Hanis and smart one.
Actually is so nice of them to come all the way when we ask for help *hugs hugs* I guess I was just being sore and chewing over the pass, but I think I’m ok with them. It‘s easier to let go and forgive, feeling so much lighter and nicer in the heart.
Really appreciated them for their effort so instead of giving the other person kuih ka pek, I gave them ^^  I hope it is nice because I didn’t get to try them yet.


Love my Room =) with Rain in it! ~sigh


Listening to Rain- without you