Double Celebration!

Posted on February 26, 2007


Last night was so much F U N! Had dinner at Warung Subuh finally, it tasted like Nasi Padang but I didn’t manage to eat the petai, I didn’t know how to order =(


Upon arriving there, the boys hid the humongous pinkest soft bear soft toy I’ve ever seen!! WAH!! They gave it to me on spot and tried to sing Happy Birthday then. Oh yes, they wanted me to give a speech, which I so don’t like to give anyway I ended it with a ‘yum seng’!


After dinner the fun part starts, we played some rock, bhangra, and hip hop music; played bluff; 7 and multiple 7 game, truth or dare and took lots of silly shots! Much honesty were laid out that night.


We gave Param his 21st birthday surprise, dunking him with all the mix stuff which smells like puke big time!! Aargh! He ran after us to get even and eew he got me right in the hair and face, EeW. I found out that I had bean sprout in my hair this morning when I wanted to bath! He nearly ruin my favourite spider earrings big time! Thank goodness for the it getting tangle on the locks.


When back wash up and let him wear the t-shirt that the girls bought for him. It was a nice black funky t-shirt unlike his usual ones. He loved it! He had to wear Seet’s boxers short the whole night and on the way back to Anand’s place. SEXY! They got him a cake and a most appreciative speech was given from him. He was force to epitialate his leg hair, just a little big only.


For me I think I enjoyed most was those drinks! I’ve been waiting to drink since the hols but for some unfortunate circumstances my plans were canceled. Seet was so generous for her Bintang Beer and absolute Vodka which I had to dunk 3 times, which was my limit already.


Big thanks to all who came and celebrated with me (anand, seet, kerol, Fz, Param, Zariff, tharish, kush, kavitha and yamuna, although I wish the whole load of other people could have come too.


Big thanks also to the people who sms-ed me and called me just to wish me- Baba, Ian Hubert, Intan, Wid, and Hani_ cat!


Another big thanks to the Si gura-gura people- Athirah, yati , alia, laila, dalila, Faizah Hani and Faizanah, who make jellies and cake for me and Param! I’m really sorry I was too tired to not be able to attend class to eat that delicious stuff! I hope you guys aren’t mad.


One more to Made, Oka and Albert for getting me the soft toy pillows! You’re the closest Indonesian pals that I ever have, *hearts* you lots!


Last but not least, Family! Dad and Mom thank you a lot for allowing me to do anything I want for the one month holiday and giving me everything! Sorry that I couldn’t be there to help you move and sorry for being bad. Candy and mom thanks again for the early birthday present- Ran concert which I really, really tremendously enjoyed myself to the max! Ken for giving in to me when I wanted certain stuff though you are so reluctant and being the only Bandar raya who eat everything even if it’s horrible! Poh for being the grandma and cooking and buying food for me, great food! Ava for happily spending money on me though I see you once awhile. Ah Gaik aunty for the lovely cakes and chocolates.



Bliss, Bless and Grateful!