Posted on February 27, 2007


Skip class today as it was only a one subject class and she was doing presentation. However Dr. Danik took individual marks on the presentation. Damn!


Feel like eating but I know I shouldn’t! I’m on a diet of not eating so much but I really feel like having something savoury! Must have self control… eergh…


Manage to study a little but my work is not done yet, hopefully I can manage to finish in time. Taking time off from studying by sorting out the cds I burn and brought in my laptop bag. There was this paper of my pre- university lecturers and secretariats contacts and address, the paper was written by this cute friend assistant lecturer of mine. I’m wandering how she is every now and then. I’ve been asking my friends in Bandung whether they manage to contact her, they said they can’t, I’m not sure whether did they actually tried or it is either embak is trying to hide from them. I just called her, the line was bad but I hope she will reply my sms soon, and prove my hunch wrong. I know it is her on the other line when she pick it up.