starring at the wall

Posted on March 3, 2007


i could lie all day to stare at the poster on the wall…

for i see hard work, determination and motivation plus passion in it. so where has mine gone to?

i feel like i’m stuck in a four close walls filled with never ending books of endless stream of words waiting for me to devour it one by one. but my appetite for it is lost.. ‘somewhere over the rainbow where skies are blue’…

thinking of it makes me wonder whether have i taken the right path? ‘I’m so lazy’, are the words i use one too many times. Reading so many hardcore stuff, made me realise i may not be cut out for it at all. To just scrape through is not good enough. Perhaps i’m putting too much pressure on myself hoping to be a wonderful student.

what and how should i do? there is no way out but too continue the path taken… i just hope at the end of this trip i will learn how to love it as i thought i would.

oh dear mother Mary… help me!

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