Happy Chap Goh Meh

Posted on March 4, 2007


Wah I damn piss wei!! I cannot tahan I need to rant! I so want to bash that fella up! I’ve been conned under my nose! I added one more ampere to my room hoping that I will be able to put in a rice cooker in my room, but it is not enough I found out, after finding out that 220volts electrical jug does not work well without having to trip 4 times! Arrgh! Thank goodness I am not blinded enough to go get a fridge and rice cooker at the same time if not I would have wasted Rp 1juta! Gosh, I so hope the fella, Bapa Kost will allow me to change back to one ampere without having to pay because I just fixed it yesterday afternoon! Dang!



I got praised! 2 times today! *beams*

Creating verbatimcries is not only the reason for me to rant my heart out but it is also to improve my writing or rather vocabulary. I wish to be able to write with colourful vocabularies which I call it ‘filly falla’. I want to be able to write in ‘filly falla’ English! Albeit I’m writing in simple English with a few ‘filly falla’ vocabulary thrown in I’m praised by Jea- “since when your english is so terror?” Can’t remember the exact words she said. Proud I am because I do wish I am able to write as well as her =)


Riabu did praise me too! But I totally can’t compare with her. The reasons why chatting with her is so fun is not only because she shares ‘knowledge’ with me, but I get learn a few words from her every now and then =) I miss her writing and the days of Donald Ducks!


Yeah, today I was praised pretty girl! Lolx, don’t worry the fella is just dusting my boots. But then isn’t it uplifting to get compliments like this once awhile even though it is not real?


My God it’s taking the internet so long just to load my webpage because now I’m using Microsoft words to type before I lose all inspiration to blog!


You know what? I guess I’m already feeling better after reading the comments from P and CM. Thank you very much!

P: your words echo the words of the inspirational turtle that you gave me for my 19th birthday =) Ok I’m getting pump! lolZ.

CM: Thanks for reading. You gave not a bad suggestion will heed it when I find nice colourful paper to print on.


So tonight is the 15th lunar day of Chinese New Year, a few days ago Adib and I planned for a dinner and some fireworks. Unfortunately, many of them are broke and there are lots to do this week, will be having pre-test for physiology on blood & immunity and review on anatomy muscles. Which I’ve not read or memorise! So there goes the dinner.


Well I wished my aunt and mom Happy Chap Goh Meh and asking what do the Chinese so during this day? This is what they replied:


Mom: “Throw kum into the river n the guy who picks the kum will be yours”

Me: “ … “ Ala I wanted a serious answer mom. Anyway whoever the guy is who dares to go into the dirty and contaminated river to catch the kum, I won’t even layan! He probably got skin disease!


Aunt: “Well girls like you will write your name and contact number on the orange and go to the riverside or seaside and throw the orange for boys who wants to get girlfriends to catch.”


Me: “ … “


So afternoon my mom called and told me that last time when she was my age in Penang, youth will go to the Gurney Drive and take part in this game. Family will invite families over and have kuih ka pek together with other goodies, not to forget the family dinner which I so miss right now. There I was thinking, “EwE”! Have you people actually seen Gurney Drive? Well the food there is great but did you see those thousands of black rats living and making so much noise at coast rocks of the beach?!! Whichever sane guy goes there to catch oranges I too won’t layan! He may contract rabies!


Oh I’m sorry that Dad is darn pissed! Thank you for being the major bread winner of the family, without you I would not have been able to burn RM1000 on using the house phone!! Ok, when I come back the next round I will refrain from getting hold of the cordless phone and ‘poh chook’ with anyone! Especially the one in UM! I shall hold to my word!