Posted on March 5, 2007


I figure out only so much recently ‘what i want in a guy’ and not what women wants.

He must be:

~ 183cm (6ft tall unless i happen to fall in love with a shortie)

~ metrosexual (because it is so easy to buy gifts for him)

~ good sense of humor, light hearted and has an inner-child

~ handyman like dad (must be knowledgeable about house electronic stuff and good at repairing things!- *buying multiplug reminded me*)

~ rich and not a skinflint (extra plus point so he can spend on me)

~ owns a car (i don’t care whether he bought it himself or his parents did, as long as I’m traveling in an air-conditioned vehicle!)

~ speaks English FLUENTLY (if not rejected straight away!)

that is all i can think of now, will mention why i thought of this in the next post =)

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