I want to be your Personal Assistant Shopper ;)

Posted on March 5, 2007


Just like the main female character in Sophie Kinsella’s Shopperholic series! 

No class today, privilege for being a Malaysian and being my mom’s daughter because it is English class! Lecturer exempted a few of us from going for classes, we only have to submit 3 reports on 3 journals on whatever topic ^^ I’m going to procrastinate big time!

So I woke up late and went to MATOS and campus with Kuthuk@Tharish. Went searching for birthday presents for Albert, my best Indonesian pal here =)) It was quite easy to get presents but the things he favours are original or branded stuff, who doesn’t? But i do heart money too!

Bought a funky cap and a nice black with a little red stripe of shirt for him. Man, both of have good taste! Do you know it feels so good shopping or rather purchasing something even though you are not getting it for yourself? Well, that is how kuthuk and i feel =) Just so H A P P Y to shop for people! There we were imagining with the little mind of ours which guy friend looks good in what shirt, can carry out what colour, what style suits them…

We concluded that the easiest and most fun person to get presents for is… *drum rolls* KEROL!!! The metrosexual, funny, cool guy, chubby, short, westernize cutie! He looks good in P-I-N-K t-shirts, funky flip-flops, and shorts just like that with the botak head! Easy man! Buy him boxers he will sure wear them and we did get him one even though his birthday is like months away but it was so him that piece of garment! It is a southpark boxers, behind it written ‘holy crap you guys’! We thought it was cute 😉 even if he is too skinny to wear it!

We found something about guy’s boxers! It has a hole in the middle not a zip! For a second we thought it was teared, until we were inform by our friend that male boxers are design that way! Thank god we were told now if not later there will be a faux pas! ><