06/03/07 Bert

Posted on March 7, 2007


That very day was Albert Sutjipto’s 18th birthday! Selamat Ultah!

The day before Oka, Made, Kuthuk and I have gotten him his presents- a black shirt with red stripe and light blue jeans material cap. Kind of easy to get gifts for him because he has mention his likes and dislikes. Avid cap collector he is, so every year I think i’ll be getting a cap!

Before going for lunch this dude went and coloured his hair P to U to the R-P-L-E! He did.it.himself (DIH) with the help of his hostel mate. Dimas. It look nice of course, you got to see who have the good taste to pick it! But the weather was too hot that he was ‘bleeding’!

Well he is the most vain pot guy i’ve ever met! But with the biggest heart and humble attitude that you can ever get from a vain pot still! This self admit metrosexual person is not someone everyday you can meet!

He treated 15 of us to Pizza Hut! Definitely must have cost him a bomb for this treat but do you know he is still going to celebrate another 3 times when he gets back to his home town??! One with his family and 2 more with some of his homies and high school friends! This kid either have one group too many of friends or he is spoil to the max man!

The meal was good! There were much left overs because most of us only ate like 2 pieces, it is really filling! One thing about pizza hut here is that they do not stinge with their ingredients! THe pizza crust was filled with gooey thick cheese and the cheese and other toppings of the pizza was very generous! Worth going to once awhile =) It’s definitely better than Paparon’s any other day, although i like it for the price range they give, yet the best pizza i ever eaten is from Pizza Hut! Or is it because it has been a long time since i’ve been to pizza hut that’s why i’m gushing so much about it?

Well the types of pizza here they have is totally different from Malaysia, none so far i saw or ate were the same. The pizza i love best that day is Mayo Chicken!! Sweet! If you like generous topping of mayo you will get what i mean!