Posted on March 9, 2007


Oh my God! I came out so traumatise after watching this movie! *faints*

I have seen the movie’s poster i knew it would be an interesting one because i love history as the story was telling about Norseman and the Red Indians.

So many killing scenes were in the movie! Just when you’re about to get tired of the whole film the next brutal and gory scene comes in! Imagine being kill with the end of the sword and your enemies still have time to be cruel and mean to you before sending you off to the next world! Gruesome! They wipe up the whole village as if it was a sport for them. Vikings are really brutal, in order to survive the cold harsh winter and snow they will murder other clans of vikings village, take their provisions and lands. No one is spare from this barbaric slaughter.

The thing i salute about the movie was the despairity and the wits at end of the villagers were well portrayed by the characters. I felt it so much, that i do not ever want to die in fear or in helplessness! I need to be more agile and having good stamina incase i need to run for my life…

Yup, my imagination was going wild and full fledge, when i imagine that society now a days would not be able to run for their lives to save their own self if there were any vikings going to attack. That’s because, we are so unfit and we are not build like them. You should see the chunky armors they wore, with that heavy helmet and humongous weapons they carry with them!

If i can’t manage to escape by running i think i would have peed in my pants and die because of a cardiac infarct!