Can Feng Shui change you Karma?

Posted on March 10, 2007


“dress to the nines, she looks so fine… professional-licious”

I like dressing in a corporate smart lady way! Portrays a self assure person, professional, no messing around, chic and masculine (at the same time) little lady =)

This evening i went and helped out the buddhist society to organise this talk. I wore my formal classic black outfit from head to two with my boots, with the pink eye-catching tie on. Giovani and i suppose to help out at the ticketing section but since we are females we were put at the guest receptionist section. All the better in a way because i don’t have to talk so much as i am handicap in the vocabulary of BI. Yup, my flaw was pointed out by Jaya; it felt like a minute splash of cold water on my face, my main intention of helping and learning had dissolve a little. I did manage to help after all, but the work was definitely testing my patience and courtesy, good training for me when i do have to meet all sorts of patients later.

Yes, dear Kavitha manage to console me to stand up to my beautiful language because i felt so inferior and useless not knowing BI. Sigh~ such a deary! So i did my best to shoo the knowledge of me being handicap and put on my best professional attitude to help out =)

I wish people can stop telling me the things that i already know instead of the things i know. I know i’m fat and i have put on weight since the last you saw me!! I can’t help it if Malaysia’s food is fcuking good compared to here! Leave me and my fats alone lah… i know i look cute, let it be! Grr*

Oh some people are such an ass or shall i say inconsiderate… i’m the only malaysian for heaven sake (can’t you count?)!! So stop asking me for souvenirs!! Just because you have a few conversation with me and talk more to me compared to the others does not give you the right to ask gifts from me! Thick face people you are. Even if i did promise you before you don’t have to ask me in front of everyone. luang eh hiau beh hiau zho lang?!! Giving presents should come from the heart and with intentions, now i have none of those good thoughts and i feel like i’m oblige to give, since you thick face numbskulls asked me for it! I feel like an ugly person now… thanks to you thick-face ass, numbskulls! I’m referring to those numbskulls who thinks they are close enough to me to have the cheek to ask me for gifts or jokingly imply for one.

Knees for a brain people, thinks that they are the only local people that i’m close with. I’ll be super outrageously broke if i consider the whole of Unibraw students my close friends or those i met briefly as my best buddies! You think i have a factory that prints money for farks ah? Bastards! I don’t need you in my social group of friends to survive! Shoo! Humbug!

*feeling damn em song*