Frying vege like for the second time

Posted on March 13, 2007


This is what i had for dinner! I don’t know the vege’s name but i have eaten it before. My mom fries it with fermented spicy bean curd paste-like, i didn’t have that so i did it with oyster sauce. Vege’s leaves are round, the ends are slightly stalky… do you know it’s name?

don't know the vege's name!

Added small anchovies (no small dried prawns), garlic, onions, and the yummiest… pi dan, century egg!!

Are you surprise that they sell century eggs here? I’ve been searching for these eggs but they didn’t have it and i was thinking, “bummer Indonesian Chinese so not Chinese man. Why no century egg?!!”

That time i went grocery shopping a few days ago i saw them! There were only a few on the rack i grab 2 ^^! So happy!

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