Posted on March 13, 2007


I’m quite angry, though i should have foresee the possibility that others have seen all along yet i chose to wear the rose-tinted glasses! People should be given the benefit of the doubt.. my foot! Some people should not be given any at all! How i wish i had brought back my dart board and darts, where i will paste a big photo of her and throw at her, making millions of holes at her lying facing!

It all started a few days i met her, i thought “cool! someone a quarter to a century old who has been going to places repeating medicine! Heck, one interesting individual to get to know. How ruin could this person be”? I suppose all the advice that i heard since young of not associating with the fools and the bad eggs are all pointing at me now. I know it doesn’t apply to all cases, now this one looks applicable.

I’m having a hard time to believe which of her stories are true and fake now. It’s so hard to distinguish that i have to take it all as a fictional story. She had been to many places to study medicine, you name it, all the famous place to study for medicine overseas and locally; AIMST, RUSSIA, INDIA(a few years) and now Indonesia. Before this i heard from Biotech degree friend of mind who is studying medicine as i am now that this girl has been failing her subjects and repeating them. When i got to befriend her she denied, she said because throughout the years in India she had some bad cases of accidents and sickness, not to forget, one of the lecturers decided on failing for a paper that he didn’t not mark, all because he wanted under-table money apparently. So that was the last straw for her and she quited studying with Manipal and came back. Apparently again, her dad is suing Manipal, that is if is true.

Every time we have holidays; 3 times we had hols, Raya, study week and Sem break; she will fly back to Malaysia. Not to her family mind you, to her boyfriend- soon to be husband, who is still married to another woman that he is still getting the paper work done to divorce the another woman, who bared him a son! If you think this is complicated you should stop cause there is more drama- rama. Her parents won’t know that she has hols and she will use all her friends to cover it up. Obligation of a friend, my ASS! No more is it going to be after this!

There was once that ding-dong for a brain cow came half an hour early to the airport to check in, she brought a lot of stuff in a few boxes that is why the custom took so long checking everything. Hence she couldn’t make it for the flight and can still go on getting mad about the airport procedure because they had to check all her stuff and causing her to burn the ticket! She insist on being right. She was already a few days late for classes and her parent have been calling the whole of Malang just to get her, from batch mate, hostel mate, hostel care taker, sending their Indonesian maid’s mother to check on her here, seniors and calling up the faculty! Once again she manage to escape!

This time she strike again! Classes resumed on 19th Feb and today is 14th mac!! Hooray! Nearly one month right? Well she won’t be coming back until she celebrates her 26th birthday with her darling fiance, who i believe is helping to web all this lies! Such compatible pair don’t you think? A week and a half since class resume, her boyfriend finally message one of us saying that she is having some colon or liver bacteria infesting inside of her, she is to be admit to the hospital soon! So she has been bed-ridden, bored to death, apparently misses us from her own self conjure (mental) hospital in her own personal ward of hers messaging us from time to time, updating one of her lies again. She doesn’t reply your message instantly if you ever send her an sms, it will take few hours if you’re lucky if not few days! I wasted damn bloody lot of credits! She said she was just discharge from the (mental) hospital and she will be coming back this week because mommy doesn’t want her to return immediately, mommy wants her to return after celebrating her birthday with her, which is like tomorrow!! My guess is she will pick Sunday evening flight to return here.

Haks, she did say that she wants to finish medicine just to please her parents and will marry off with that fiance of hers. Her parents don’t really like him, you know that engagement is suppose to be something out in the open and a happy occasion, well she didn’t tell her parents. Her mom called me this evening asking me to tell her daughter to call her back. So what does it spells? K-A-N-T-O-I !!!

Moral of the story: to the parents, don’t give your kids too much money. have control of their bank account.
to me, please don’t be so gullible!

Here is the statement of loss and total of compensation from all this…

RP 200k for phonebill
RP infinity for taking advantage of this friendship!

You owe me a lifetime!!

I’m feeling very calculative and murderous right now! When i do see her i wringe my pudgy small hands on that little delicate neck of hers and make sure i really distort her already crooked nose of a beak!! Just you wait! This 6 months long of deceiving friendship is going down the Jave Sea!!

As Ta La Vista!

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