Frog turn to prince

Posted on March 26, 2007


The title has no what so ever connection with the Taiwan series where Ming Dao from 183 Club or the 7Flowers girls acted in but the incident of it is somehow the same.

It was raining as usual, I was chatting aimlessly with Tharish to relax when Kavitha came in telling us that there’s a big frog WALKING (she said) in front of Jansee’s room!

There i was thinking, how big could that amphibian be? Must be one of those puny ones and she is making a big fuss of it.

Prince Frog!!

::Prince Frog::

Yes it was BIG!! Bigger than the ones i saw during outbound activity day organise by my campus!


:: Won’t you let me in? Give me a kiss and i will turn to prince Charming::

Yes, it was hilarious for us to see the frog posing in front of the door just like that =D
We told our senior not to come out because if she does the frog will jump in. Just as Kavitha was about to end her persuasion to the senior to not open the door the frog jump the other way, positioned facing us! *Screams*
Jansee came out with a broom and swept her prince to the stairs where it jump to suicide, twice! But it is alright still.

Now what bothers me is, “Where did the Frog come from??” I live on the 2nd floor. Can’t be raining frogs?
Even if it is raining Frog Prince, i hope it will rain a 6 ft prince, Ming Dao will do too!