Posted on March 27, 2007


OH gosh Don’t you just love watching historical movies? Well i most certainly do…
So after teaching some of Indonesian classmates about Carbohydrates in Biochem we head off to the cinema for this movie that a few of my friends have been telling how good it is.

This story happened during the time of Greece civilization (consist of other kingdom such as Spartan and Athens). The story begin introducing the Spartan culture and ways. Baby boys born from each family will be checked under the eyes of the doctors then to see whether they are fit, not handicap physically or down syndrome; if yes they are that way, they will be thrown to their death. For these Spartan children would not be able to live in such harsh world or Spartan society. Little boys that have not reach puberty are sent away from their mothers to be trained into Spartan Warriors! Here they show how this particular boy who trained intensely to survive the cold weather and trainings of his mentor. Once cold winter night, he had to fend himself from a vicious wolf, with his wit and skills he brought the wolf skin back. Ever since then he was crowned as King of Spartan! King Leonidas was he.

After that the story revolves around him and his queen and their kingdom that is threaten by the Persian King imperialism. Having killed the Persian’s chauvinist messenger and guides, they prepared for war although their wise and corrupted god messenger (they inbred with each other this god messengers- so ugly and gruesome looking) lied to them that they shouldn’t. King Leonidas with the helped of his trustee friend, field captain gather 300 of the best Spartan Soldiers to battle off the millions slaves and soldiers of the Persian king who claim himself to be The king of all King and God. The Persian King then was portrayed as Asia’s most terrifying army looking for land and water to conquer.

Basically the stories tell how only 300 Spartan soldiers and their king battled with their only their war skills and courage (they know no retreat or giving up) to fight of the Asian’s monsters and so proclaim eternity warriors.

Cinematic of this movie is great! I enjoyed the details of it 100%, i want to watch it again. If you like Troy you will like this too! Although i think some part they used too much graphics that made me like the cinematic of Troy better, but the storyline couldn’t be better! Have i pique your interest into watching this? Click here to watch the trailer

If that doesn’t interest you yet.. well did you watch PHantom of THe Opera? The actor who acted as Phantom is acting as King Leonidas in 300! Once again, Gerard Butler strikes the cinema big time again! Love his acting, with the piercing eyes of his. The way they had his character to grow the beard is pretty funny to watch, because when he talks and when you see his jaw moving side ways you can see the beard moving up and down, protruding outward too! Kind of makes you feel like pulling it off.

Still doesn’t interest you?
Well for the anatomy learners and lovers you will want to watch this! Throughout the whole movie i was applying my anatomy knowledge of the muscles. Most of the soldiers have well build body to drool over on and marvel at. You can see the fine line of Linea Alba, Linea semilunaris, the Rectus Abdominalis (ab muscles) which are well formed, the nicely done Lattisimus Dosi muscle. For the arms you can appreciate how the biceps trachii and triceps trachii works antagonistically with each other to strike the blade into their opponents. See the Rectus Femoris, Gastrocnemues and Soleus working together to balance when carrying the big armour and swinging the blades killing!

Enough said… now go watch it! Don’t bother with the sound so wrong OST and the cartoonish credit rolls. Just watch the movie for it is! 2 THumbs up from VerbatimCries =))