Posted on March 27, 2007


(she came back on Monday night)

I was exchanging some mixed up pass year question papers to the girl next door and asking her to pass the remainder books and papers to the other girl.

So the girl next door asked me, ” Are you not going to talk to her for the sake of courtesy of being batch mates?”

I retorted without so much of looking up, ” To not spit by looking at her is the the courtesy I can offer her for now.”


I wasn’t in the wrong in this friendship, she didn’t inform so much of her coming back, and if i’m expected to talk to her first, i will say as the Bhengalis will say , “MY SUTEER”!!!

I do not mean it literally when i said ‘ to not spit…’
The courtesy I offer after all this is to hold my tongue. No more favours. Calls from her parents asking me to inform their daughter to call back, I will just leave it to my radio to do the talking.

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