DiGi’s YCF

Posted on March 27, 2007


When i was back in Malaysia recently for my one month holiday, i watched lots of advertisement with new concept. It’s silly buy yet refreshingly good non the less.

For example the DiGi advertisement saying that they have a better coverage throughout Malaysia. There are few scenarios that i still remember at heart.

1. a man was getting a DiGi number at the nearest DiGi shop, two yellow Yellow Coverage Fellows were elbowing each other to follow the man after he purchased and activated the line.

2. an ah beng was talking loudly in the cinema and he didn’t care what the other cinema goers thinks, for he has the better coverage. His YCF was trying to hush the ah beng and was pretty embarrass of the ah beng’s attitude.

Today when i read the news Little Rachel Chan gets to meet DiGi’s ‘yellow men’ online, i found out that these commercials has manage to capture a young child’s heart =)

It is such a sweet news!

I’m proud to be a DiGi user =D

I want to do the ‘Boing Boing’ dance too!