monday bLues~

Posted on April 2, 2007


After this week, then it is exams for me. A lot of people are having the exam blues!
*plays a sad harmonica tune*
The UnPad friends are stressing their brains out
*plays a sad harmonica tune*
The Little One checking out those enamels out is worried to her guts
*plays a sad harmonica with a higher pitch*
I’m Stressing too and feeling things are so unreachable
*the harmonica plays a wrong tune*

~throws the harmonica and stomp stomp stomp~
I still don’t feel any better. I’m having the post exams blue… *harmonica plays*
all because of browsing friendster. Damn!

I wonder why was i not send to Russia again… most of the Chinky(s) who are studying medicine are there!! I want to join them too! Ok, not really… i just want to mix with Chinkies! Gosh i Miss YOu Chinkies back home!

I should be glad that i have good company here;a gentleman Bali Boy, a kiddo young at heart, girls to hear my nonsense, lecturers who loves to pick on me, a tongue tied tongue, and a stupid brain to converse with every heart beat.

So i read the yesterday star news which made me scream and grind my teeth oh so much! Have you heard it? Have you read i? THe board of Medical of Singapore are recognising UM and UKM graduate Doctors! I want to be recognise by them too!
” Take me! Take me!” *Wails*

Why don’t they want to recognise Malaysian Students from Indonesia, such as Malang(-ness). We got more cadavers here k… don’t pray pray!

Oh God, please let me pass for my anatomy exams! I wish i can do more than a pass but beggars are not choosers. If i manage to do well! I’ll make sure i’ll be extra nice to the people i don’t really like and i treat those who taught me in anat to lunch!
Dear, mother Mary! Please hear me!