What have you been listening too lately?

Posted on April 3, 2007


“you love me, but you don’t know who i am…”

all of sudden if someone sings this to you, what will you think?

it so reminds me of Happy Feet man! When all thel Penguins will gather at the one place to sing to find the other true partner that returns their songs… lolX

Just now i was darn tired and sleepy now i’m a little hyper! Thanks to Riabu, or the fact i’m talking nonsense now.

Ok, being abroad as in staying in Indonesia cuts you from the outside world when it comes to my Chinese songs… i miss listening and being update. Imagine for the 6 years to come i will not know many good songs out there. I find Chinese songs have more meaningful lyrics than other language because of their description in words.
so there i know nothing of the Chinese songs out there. I try playing the My.fm on the Internet, i manage to play it a few times and ever since the last time, i can’t play it now. Internet connection is either sucky or My.fm website sucks.

As for the English Hits i get to hear it on the local radio stations but the problem with the DJs are they don’t do introduction to the songs often enough for me to know. Obviously they don’t play as many songs as Hitz.fm does.
Here are the few songs i like:
Beautiful Liar- Beyonce and Shakira (man, the video clip is so sexy!)
With Love- Hillary Duff (She’s back! This song is more better than her previous kiddie,teenage
bopper singles.)
Candyman- Christina Aguilera (makes you wants to be in the 60 ties and 70 ties era, cos she makes
it feel so much fun! the Video Clip is cute and cool too!)
Girlfriend- Avril Lavign (She’s back too! Like this song because it’s unlike her other sad draggy tune
songs. She’s being more girly in the lyric. Have you heard I’m With You? It is
is the OST of Eragon, has meaningful lyrics.)

the latest group i got to like this year is GYM CLASS HEREOS!! Man the music are different! They are like those mushrooming distinctive bands such as MCR, YellowCard, Sum41, and Fall Out Boy that kind of sorts.
Listen to their: Cupids Chokehold (take a look at my girlfriend), the Queen and I, Taxi Driver, and New Friend Request.

As for the new British Chic on the block is LAdy Soverign! She’s only 16 but her song full angst. Listenable songs of her’s are Love Me Hate Me the original version but i prefer the remix version with Missy Elliot; Adidas Hoodie is kinda cute because whoever sing songs about their favourite show brand?
A few years back the sister of Daniel Beddingfield, Natasha Beddingfield has a new single- I want to have Your Babies! Another CUTE song voicing out some girls thoughts (so movie like situation) and with a few baby gurgles at the end.