Investment doesn’t look worthy now…

Posted on April 12, 2007


I feel like i’ve done some wrong investment that it felt right in the first place. I hate this feeling… now i recall once more why i didn’t put much effort in this the last time. I will crumble to tears and envies if they succumb me to it…

Gosh i hate this feeling! As the days turns into weeks and weeks turns into months and most probably when months turns into year and Years turn into years, eveyone’s freaking mind will turn into a competition! Bragging will not be suppress and dimwit will still remain forever dimwit even if dimwit comes with some smallest qualities!

GOsh! I want to break free… …

It’s been like this a few times!!! STUPID INTERNETCONECTION!!! Cursing this place wil not do much help!

DRasted! At time like this i wonder why i am here!!

Today is alright…

I’m still wanting to sleep, but i’ll have to pue it at hold for two weeks. Must WORK IT! Aynway today is one big hoohah! Today I has anatomy-histology exams for practical and theory. The saddest and unfair part of this exam is that we were cut short 5 seconds for each preparate during lab exams. Heck! that 5 secs are so important to us! It is like

defribrilating the heart and that miniscule 5 secs is enough to revive the heart’s ventricle to fucntion properly. So 20 questions x 5 secs = 100secs!! They robbes us off a hundred!! My two classmates can be such a doNG-DOnG-dOnG-dONg-DONG!I wonder which part of their brain can’t comprehend simple instructions and which part of their mentall ego needs

big time bruising! How can they be so selfish! Simple and easy instruction and warning were given to us to not activate our phone before the exams starts, but two brain-for-a-knee-people had to just take out their handphone- twiddleDee was definitely messaging his girlfriend (Wth you can’t wait!!?) and twiddleDum was being oblivious to his environment

(as usual) used his handphone to entertain himself during the wait; they ruined the remainder 47 students examination! We were told by the anatomy lecturer that we will have to postpone our exams another way and we will be punish for the faults of knee-brains people. After much negotiation from our subject coordinator and some confession with appology,

the lecturer was still really pissed with us until god send us a dean to our rescue! He was patiently and smilingly telling us why the handphone must be off, in other words he was siding us to take the exams today, where else i think the lecterur was expecting him to be on their side. Well when speaking in terms of income, obviously we come first! Don’t

tell me i paid so much and because of 2 dungus i’m going to sacrifice me! The lecterur didn’t care, one thing for sure they are not paid enough, second they are angry with us for some suggestion and critiques we gave long ago, and lastly (giving the benefit of the doubt) *doubts* the lecterur wants us to be more united and diciplin. I have to admit my

class so lack of disiplin. So after the dean’s grace, she told us that exam is postpone an hour later because they need to change the questions and our punishment will be due hopefully after exams, as for the two dungus, further punishment will be given!

Well that lecterur is a really mean one! A few questions were change but 100 secs were cut short for each preparate!! Ass holes! They were mean to the extend that they didn’t direct us to the following questions of each cadaver’s table! Most of us skipped a few questions and miswrite the others.

The best part was i went B-L-A-N-K during histology! really Blank! I’m so pissed at myself and those people! Thank god for the theory paper my anger has subsided. Hopefully it will balance out.

Ok another screw up paper! I’m sad and bummed…. wordless to describe. Only have myself to blame. No one wants to chat non-stop with me! I think i need to find someone to hear me talk until my mouth contents…