Anatomis (15/04)mid morning

Posted on April 16, 2007


Studying the theory of muscles is like finding a pin in a haystack.You will feel like pulling your hair out for having to remember the origin and insertions of the muscles, the innervation last but not least the functions of them.
Sigh~ besides that, for easier memorising of the muscles well you need to know it’s characteristics that is named after, such as: location, fibers, blah blah blah…

Now i know why some of my friends turn vegetarian. the reason is because they go crazy when they see meat! They will start telling which part of the muscles they are eating from that piece of chicken, what veins goes through it, the fibers…
So it’s easier to eat non-meaty food, you don’t have to go psycho thinking of all these when you want to consume your food.

At least no one goes differentiating the vegetables fibers as they are only one kind. Sigh, so brain damage la medic students.

If carnivores were docters or anatomis guess what will their daily conversation be?
“what part of the carcess will you like to have today? Will you like your usual biceps femoris and the adductors? Or will you much fancy something meatier like lattisimus dorsi and the thoracis muscles?”


Bishop’s nose will be no longer mean Chicken’s butt for me, it will be now known as gluteus!

It’s been very much recent and frequent since of last month that this cyber cafe have been cutting out (mostly) or slowing down my internet connection at midnight and wee hours in the morning. Heck i’m paying, and this is the kind of facilities i get!
It’s not my fault for going online so often. If the connection waas faster during the afternoons or regular hours i wouldn’t have to come online at late nights. Bugger! Now i have to phrase sentences and give them a piece of mind inarticulately!