Samaya (15/04)

Posted on April 16, 2007


if i were to move out from the kos, i must keep it low that no one should no where i move to. Gossips will be bound and the less people who knows the better.
I suppose my parents won’t mind, i talked to them before. I’ll have to confirm with them again. But there’s this really cute house that i have saw, hopefully 3 or 5 of
us are able to move there.

if they keep thinking i stay at ijen it will be fine. I’m gleefully thinking, if i manage to lie to them for 4 years what will happened? Hehehe! okies, i really lack the
concentration to study now, if i ask my parents to call i know for sure i won’t be able to study after that. I need to concentrate. I think i got too excited when i saw
that house! I’m estatic to think of the possibilities renting a house! I shouldn’t… must havee self control *slaps* ownself!

A short output of what happened today…
Finally the day for choosing the new Buddhist Society of Unit Akitvitas Kerohanian Buddhis Universitas Brawijaya (UAKB- UB) leader has arrived
(you wonder why i always get myself into this kind of things… i too), for it has been postpone once too many times, yet we were still short of members to continue with the
election. Thankfully there was a ruling stating in the Rules of Regulation of having an election, “if desperates situation measures, nor having 2/3 of the active members
present for the voting is alright”! I cannot tahan this people because for a small club that consists only of 20 ‘so-called’active members ( but actually 11 most active came)
this rules must be followed. The reasons are to honour the rules set by our long long ago seniors who painstakingly went through lots of trouble to build this club to unite
every Buddisht student in the University, it’s a disiplin to follow this law and whatever the other reasons were i won’t accept, except for this two mentioned.

Just imagine a total of 11 people have to follow through the whole 29 AKTA with lots of subs for each!! For those who thinks that in History classes during high school learning the AKTA was bad, well you should
be here to see this! I tell you, you’ll be more appreciative reading Sejarah than this petty ruling that touches every issue… so fussy! It is really as if you are studying Law!

An organisation consist of a President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer and those other smaller positions plus their members. Well they HAVE to complicate the membership too! I digress, the membership are
divided into four types, new members(ahli baru), regular members(ahli biasa), extraordinary members (ahli luar biasa) and Alumni! Arggh! When i heard that i was reading to smack my forehead on the wall! Simple
matters can turn so complicating! It won’t so much easier to have the members divided into 3 types, the regular, the board of community and the alumni. Their voting system really is like our Malaysia’s Paliament
voting style where there must be 2/3 of the members to vote only the election is consider formal. They don’t agree following majority.

Waste of time! I did make noise because they were taking so long on small matters and there was a lot more to go. In the end we barely finish half way but manage to vote the leader, but didn’t manage to set was
is the job of the leader and we have not elect other community members, make plans and so forth! I wonder why the Buddisht Society that i’m in are always so deaded! Man, they need people like Jea, Jamie, and Ongkie
to perk it up! Now i wish i had join Teen Quest in SJBA and pick up a few things from them to help this resuscitate this deaded club. Something is wrong with the people here; one they are two aggreable, two they
don’t have much ideas or stand on their own, three they really know how to waste time by being aimless, four most of us are non committed, five we are all so not punctual, sixth the least goes on!

I can be a bad critic!