My Twin, Ken

Posted on April 17, 2007


this is to the other half twin who is 5 years younger than i am…

Well you are you, i am me but no matter what, we are the mirror image of each other of 5 years apart and we sound so alike on the phone only our close family members could tell us apart! But… that was until you hit puberty. No point denying, for a few months ago i nearly had a shocked for seeing the striking resemblance of our good looks and tubby-ness when i went through some old photos. I got to admit that i’m the better looking one if i was your bro! 😉

You are the other sibling where i could play rough with and have some sporty time together, unlike the other stagnant one! When i look at you i see myself a few years back… some characteristics but of course you are the better nature one, the kinder one, the ngong ngong one who gets bullied by me and still allow me to do so even though you do complain behind my back and the only person who (right until now) still runs away from me when i give you a chase! *silly boy*

You are the weirdest among all of us! Heck, who names their anatomy after celebrities and horror movie characters!? The spoiled one, the scaredy cat, the musical incline, and the laziest + smart one! (wait, smart i doubt… neh, all my siblings are genius in their own ways) <3<3

I’m a bit emo right now because i’m stressed with biochem… I lost track of the date and forgot to wish you earlier! I did called back to wish you but you were still at tuition, i remember k!  S0 virtual reality kebab-hugs from me to you! Lol!

Happy Birthday to the Boy who turns 15!

… i bet you didn’t have cake… my wish for you is to shed some pounds and tone some muscles man!