Kos or House

Posted on April 18, 2007


Kos is a place where i’m staying at now. Which is pretty much apartment sort of life, where in one big building filled with individual rooms, you rent one and leave in that four walls forever! I personally don’t like staring at four walls only and being able to roam around so little. It’s definitely the cheapest accommodation you can get compared to renting a house with a few friends. That’s because you only pay the monthly rent which includes water bill and minimal electric bill. Extra electrical appliances such as tv, computer, rice cooker, and fridge you have to pay extra if you have it. However each room is given a minimal amount of electricity, if you have electrical items that runs high on voltage be prepared to have your room current “jigleg” meaning trip! Hence you have to add Amphere to your room and that cost another amount of money. Besides that, staying in a kos means you have a community kitchen, an ironing board and place to dry clothes that is if you don’t pay for laundry service. There’s one thing about kos-ses, not all of the rooms comes with attached bathrooms, most of the kos-ses they have around are the ones with community bathrooms!

Plus point for Kos is: you have a caretaker, maintainence free, an all uni-sex place and a (bloody) curfew.

Plenty of property owning folks are renovating their house to be rent out. Houses nearer to the university are very expensive the more affordable ones are slightly further. Well you know it’s more expensive to rent a house even though if you have a few house mates. Other than having to pay for water bill, electricity bill, cleaning + cooking services and maintainence bill, there other factors to consider such furnishing the place, such as: gas stove, gas, cooking utensils, fridge, and washing machine plus etc. First few months there definitely will be painful seizures from the lower extremity up to the cardiac muscle!

Houses in Malang
pic 1 and 2 are showing the same house, it has 3 bedrooms. I like this one best! RP17.5 Juta

pic 3 is another house which only has 2 bedrooms, with eerie empty lots surrounding! God knows what you will see when you look out your window in the middle of the night!

Plus points for house is: Freedom, co-ed place, and availability of a place to have friends over for study group

So now tell you tell me, which do you prefer?

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