Sinned first, repent later

Posted on April 18, 2007


…one of the most stressful paper is gone and done… phew!…

I didn’t get to go house hunting with friends, it’s raining cats and dogs from afternoon until now.

You know what? There’s a blogsphere in Indonesia! Haha… i got reasons to be happy for this, but i’m not totally sure how is it like, i’m reading more about it now. Well you know the whole blogging craze is going on in Singapore and Malaysia so i was wondering about Indonesia. I wonder if they have their own famous blogger too =)

Today i had a treat from a friend for lending my camera to him because he is going to attend his friend’s wedding which is a Javanese marriage that can take up to 4 days! *Faints* Well it’s not as long as the Sudan marriage and may not be so mysterious but i think it maybe like Malay weddings (though i’ve not attended one before). I’ll wait for the pics to come to my hands!

Anyways over lunch, Don Juan was telling me about himself and i find that people who sinned first and repent later makes me feel a little uneasy. I one point this people realise their mistakes and start repenting but then it got me thinking… there will be such people out there who will take advantage of this so call repent-ion. The more i think of it the more disturbed i am… “what is happening to the world now??!”

I don’t really understand why i’m fretting so much about it. It’s just feel so wrong and religion is like being misuse.