Posted on April 24, 2007


… small, smelly ants are crawling in my room… Hate ’em!

Last exam was the suckiest ! I studied really hard for it… but i fail to do 3 questions! I will make up for it later!


So this weekend was pretty long! Went house hunting, buddhist club meeting and today bowling! Buddhist Club meeting went rather well aside from the part where they had to run through every rules and regulation of everything and this guy for being irritating because of so many small reasons! ( anyone likes a guy who ask stupid questions? funny and silly can be pardon… but stupid?! You’re so in my list-to-die!) I was picked to be the treasurer it’s a job of honour and it’s also a job i won’t be able to do well at all! What will they do if i’m not around? The money will be with me in Malaysia! hehehhe. So I asked for the activity coordinator post! I had a few things in mind to help raise funds! But to all my lovely friends who are reading this, if you have some inputs or wonderful experience and ideas please tell me! *eyeing ongkie* So Wesak is coming! I can’t wait to see what is it like here!
I miss having a car to drive! Usually i am the one who drives when i go out and about meeting friends, but here i take public transport and if i’m lucky enough i get a ride from my friend’s chauffeur or parents and if they are driving. I didn’t manage to take pics of the Club house where I played bowling today, they have cool stairs- disco stairs! I never expected a place like Malang to have this Club House! Ok, it’s not a clubbing place; a place where they have gym, swimming pool, billiard center and bowling alleys! Boy, i was smitten with the looks of the place! sigh~ makes me miss the kind of life i lead back home! SJ rockS my socks! The rich usually hangs out in this place or so my friends tells and i saw lots of Indonesian Chinese but (there is always a but) they can’t speak english not mandarin or any dialects! Sometimes it kind of beats the point of knowing them. It’s tiring to go all over again to tell people where you are from, how long you have been in Malang, what do you like about this place and so on. That is why i love my current friends and classamates more and the other reasons are they know who i am, they comprehend my broken Bahasa Indonesia and most of all we have the same wavelength! What more can i ask for =)