Tues 24/04

Posted on April 24, 2007


Second half of second semester is going to be one of the most busiest months of my life! I’m not sure i’ll be able to cope.  I’ve joined too many activities for instance and i got academics to juggle with it too! Oh my, how do successful people handle it?!

::I’ve four assignments to finish: 3 articles for English, 1 physiology and 2 for physics!
::I now hold a post in Buddhist club, i need to plan activities and take part in some!
::I’m lending a hand to the Indian society to help organise a Gala Night for the seniors before they start their big labs in the  hospital. This people are so not easy to please! Anyways, too many cook spoil the broth so i’m lending an arm or leg if they need a pair of odd limbs.
::PemDis have divided its members into groups and their are lots to do and plan before we can start our Society Work.
::LSIM (heck, i don’t know what it stands for!) is asking me to join them in their coming meeting on the 15th of May and i have to pay RP 15k for it?! I’m invited but i have to pay… sigh! Funny people! This is extortion man!

I got anatomy work which is needed tomorrow! Sigh, i love procrastinating.

I won’t be moving to a contract house after all. There is not enough housemates to take up that 2 stories house which i’m beginning to like quite a lot! It’s big and worth it! You can’t find another house for it’s price like it! Sad! I told my two potential housemates to moved to the next house that is to their liking ( that is if they can’t find a house for 3 people) because one of them really wanted to move out of the dingy house that he is residing and the other can’t stand the meanies in his kos. I just get irritated by the curfew during study groups!  I’m happy in my kos and spending time with the gals and having 24/7 internet service, it’s just that dreadful curfew!