Eat Cake

Posted on April 28, 2007


One of the many reasons, why Jea makes me laughs and smile ridiculously is because of how she put words into sentences.

If you’re not one who likes coffee, don’t put the Nescafe. It wont be any less tasty.
And cook the chocolate in low heat cos can hangus fast one – sugar burns fast tahu.”

And for my benefit she translated the recipe i ask from her into simple B- so called ‘Hidup Indon’!

Kitchen Helper

:this is my kitchen helper and the ingredients used:

THe Process

:the process:

It took only an hour to get done! Fuyoh! No sweat! However the cake turn out more like fudge according to Psychotic Seet because i had like not enough condense milk, which i substitute it with milk, and i put too much caffeine in it! I did it for Ika and Kolo Cayam for their belated birthday, besides that, i was itching to do something in the kitchen. It’s a stress relieve from studies.

They all said it was GOOD!

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