X- factor

Posted on April 29, 2007


I’m telling you it is true… there is an x-factor for being a foreigner or being far from home. Funny it is for i don’t get as much attention back home as i am getting now, mainly unwanted attention! They either like you for who you are or like your higher capabilities.

There’s this dude call Just-da-Man which i knew from a temple meeting ( I get to know all the local chinese here through temples), who has been asking me to help him with his English assignments. He message me saying that he needed my help to find an english article and translate it for him. He also added that i would be most willing to help him! (yeah right!) This is the 2nd time he is asking for my help. The first was he asked me to translate his english essay, i fell for it because before that he stated that it was urgent and he needed me to translate something very important for him. Gosh, he is such a lazy fella!

I’ve never met such superstitious Chinese youngsters in my whole life. Some will ask about your ‘shio’ meaning your chinese zodiac after giving some introduction on the first message. Come on is it necessary to ask? Some will self confess that they like you and start asking questions that relates to “Are you a domestic goddess?” and proceed on by saying if it is fated we will be together! Oh GawD!!! Who believes so much in fate now a days? You got to work for everything that you want, it’s not fate that plays a big role in it. Then there is this even more corny fella that i know of who called my kos and used this lame excuse “oh do you know this so and so assignment that we have to do? I thought it would be great if we could do it together”. ASTAGA!!!

I’m just meeting really downright plain and weird guys!

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