Indian Families

Posted on May 9, 2007


Indian food from Kavitha's Family

Homecook Indian food from Kavitha’s Family

That is a pic taken back in early March this year.

Coming here i realise more and more that whenever an Indian Family comes and visit their kid, they will cooked at least 3 home cooked dishes and bring it here for their kid and the kid’s friends too! Hehehe…

Let me recount how many times i got to eat homecooked Indian authentic Indian cuisine…
1st Kusha’s mom came and stayed for like 1week on November 2006! Not only did aunty brought food when she arrived the first day, she was also cooking for all of Kusha’s friends *includes me* EVERYDAY!! Aunty also helped us in planning and cooking and celebrating Tharish birthday as well =) 2 days before she left Malang, we all decided to treat her to Nuansa Bali!

2nd After the 2 weeks break of Hari Raya holidays, Tharish and I got back and was greeted with the warmth of our Indian Seniors and Kavitha+Kusha+Yamuna’s cooking. Tharish did bring some food back too for the girls who didn’t get to go back during the two weeks, so nice! Had Rasam, manggo acar (my first time trying, and it was the bomb! Leela aka made it!), sambal prawns, dry chicken curry..etc!

3rd When Yamuna’s parents came, her Dad treated us for a Chinese meal somewhere in Alun-alun, Malang. Not bad la… i still think i can cook better chinese food then any non-chinese chef here!

4th Kavitha’s parents! the food above! Walau! You know where she got her cooking skills from when you eat those.

5th Yamuna’s parents again :)!! Yamuna’s parents came last friday and it was food frenzy night once more! Mutton curry, lots of finely crushed garlic Sambal PRawns, and Manggo Acar!! OOmpH!

How not to get fat?!

It’s not only my friends are doing this… all the other Indian Seniors do this too! Hehehe! I wonder who’s parents are coming next ;P