Posted on May 22, 2007


It’s been 5 days since I went online, these days away from virtual reality was much fun! I went for a 5 days 4 nights trip to Surabaya! Best part is, I didn’t have to skip classes as it was a national holiday on Thursday and the lecturer on Friday classes decided to make it a holiday too! My trip to Surabaya is suppose to be a Club meeting but turns out to be more of an outing and a visiting for me than work. I skip most of the meeting because I didn’t understand what was going on and the temptation of being in civilization that closely resembles my origins excites me nonetheless. I’m a City Girl! Only once awhile I like the quiet life.


There are freaking so many malls in Surabaya with lots of sky scrapers to see, weird and Old Dutch architecture buildings to see! Sound and sight of the bustling city, man this is where I should have been! I went most Jakoon to see these! You can get ‘real’ food here! Not saying that food in Malang is ‘unreal’ but proper, nutritious, yummy and good food with variety from tradition- western – Chinese cuisines! I had most self control of my expenditures this time for lodging was provided. I stayed at my friend’s cousin’s place, contract house. Never have I felt comfortable to stay in a Malaysian home here =) Ruban the host was most gracious and attentive to all our needs although I’m not a direct friend of his and I’m feel most grateful and indebt actually. I know I couldn’t be a better host than what he did. I traveling in Surabaya is most cheaper in Taxi when you’re in groups 😉


MSCIA club meeting was held in Asrama Haji, part of the Airlangga University, which I’m so wow about! It’s the 2nd nicest university after Gajah Mada University and mine will probably be the 3rd nicest university since I’ve not seen the others yet. Medical Faculty students from all of Indonesian came! Hype I was! There were UGM, UnPad, UniBraw,  U.Hang Tuah, USU, Acheh, U.Indonesia… etc. I met really cool smart ass people from UGM! I like them, partly because they have the Malaysian slang when speaking English. Met this cool Chinese Indonesian girl who is able to converse in Hock Kien with me! Finally! Lia is her name, her parents are from Medan but they are staying in Surabaya, hence the ability to talk in Hock Kien with the slang not so foreign to my ears! I had a good time with them there, even if it was a short insignificant while.


The next MSCIA trip is in Acheh. Tempted to know more people and to see Acheh but not keen on attending the activities.  

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