Posted on May 22, 2007


Most of us don’t like girls who ‘teh’, meaning girls who ‘mengada-ada’ with their ‘manja’ (spoilt brat) voice, but of us don’t mind and some male counter part loves it *eyes rolls*. Well have you ever seen i boy ‘teh’? I have!! It is just so irritating that you just want to smack the person on the face, like i think my mom will do if i ever did that in public! That further irritated me when he was KPC-ing what he wasn’t suppose to. My GOD! Sometimes i wonder did they ever learn manners? Or am i the only one who prefers being ask permission first before using my stuff? I really can’t stand the ways of people allowing others to touch their stuff freely… If you were a close friend of mine and family i probably won’t mind so much but nonetheless i still will be peeve about it  if you open something of mine that does not concern you.

“… tadi g sengaja, d monitor ada gmbr2. Lalu ingin ku lht…”
I didn’t do it on purpose, there was pictures on the screen and i wanted to see…

It so does not make any sense! How can it not be on purpose when you had kpc and seen?  See how they can cause misunderstanding to their country… *sigh*

Aiyoo… wonder how someone can think that being peeve at another can cause a friendship at stake! You just want to bang yourself on the desk! Goblok i tell you Goblok!

English is a marvelous language. You cannot directly translate the language to another so easily because most words have a few meanings. You are memang tolol = silly in this case!

Ass! Still PEevE!!