got dump

Posted on May 28, 2007


Lim Bei dump me cos his mom wanted to use the comp! PERRg….. Just when i was so hype to catch him online for it is like seeing a blue moon once a year… before i get to tell my stories he cut me off just like that. So lonely! I’m So lonely! No one wants to hear me ramble… thankful i blog!

I realise most of my friends are very ambitious people! Especially my classmates from high school. Lim Bei wants to study real hard to get in to the Dean List and aiming for FIRST CLASS HONOURS! Din wants to be a rich and good at his field dermatologist or something else, that was when i heard back in high school. Psycho seet wants to be a darn good neurologist that mixes with the high class society the Datins and aim to work in SJMC! Bert wants to be a good dermatologist and major in cardio-surgery.

Heck! I don’t know even know how well and famous i want to be! Feeling so lack of ambition compared to them. All i have in mind is that i want to enjoy my current life, for the prime of my youth is going to be spend here! Being someone great in my profession is not what i’m thinking of, but to survive for the next half a decade without having fun or enjoying my youth is what i’m concern. Now that sounds wrong… in a way.

I want to be someone great too… but i never did see myself in those ways of theirs. Mine is more personal.

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